Wheel Brightz Bikes - Makes Your Bike Look Great!

  • Thursday, 12 November 2020
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Wheel Brightz Bikes - Makes Your Bike Look Great!

Turn your wheels into dazzling glows with Wheel Brightz! Wheel Brightz utilize 20 LED lights for the full circumference of a standard 19-inch wheel! Each kit contains one clear colored light string in light-reflecting tubing for a single wheel, or you can mix and match with other colors to create your personal color combination. Weave it along your bike's spokes, attach the light cord, and you're good to go!

wheel brightz

You also have 6 zip ties with light bulbs built into them for convenient mounting. The light strings are easily inserted into the kit with the light bulb attached and are guaranteed to give you your desired illumination!

The kit also comes with an instruction booklet, which explains how to install the Brightz lighting system. This booklet is also handy if you need any assistance when you get started. You can also download the manual for FREE from the internet!

Installation instructions come included in the Brightz kit. The manual also has pictures of how the kit is to be installed. You'll also discover that the kit has an instructional video that will show you how to install it with ease! The video also provides an easy step by step set up process.

When using the Wheel Brightz kit with your bike, we highly recommend that you connect the lights to your bicycle's rear light post (or brake light if you ride a standard bike). This will ensure that your lights will illuminate as long as you have your bike running. In addition, if you have multiple bikes that run on the same battery source, it will illuminate each bicycle independently.

Wheel Brightz is an easy way to make your bike look great and to add your own personal flair to it! If you find yourself wanting more than the usual LED motorcycle light, Wheel Brightz offers a second kit with an array of over 500 high power LED bulbs, all of which can be added together to produce a great amount of illumination for any bike. That way you can create a really awesome effect with your light fixture!

Using Wheel Brightz kits, you can have a custom made brightening effect on just about any bicycle. This effect includes the addition of a custom designed chrome accent strip to bring out the best in your bike and its parts and accessories.

With the addition of our wheels light bulbs, you can even make your bicycle seem a lot larger. When installed on a bike, the LED lights from the Wheel Brightz kit will create an optical illusion of space between the tires and the bike frame. This will make the bike seem much larger and help to draw people's eyes to your bike!

The bright light kit is the only light system available that allows you to change the color of the lights by simply removing the strip and replacing it with another color. We have found this feature to be incredibly useful and you'll see why when you try the kit out. !

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